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Age UK Funeral Plans are provided by Dignity and brought to you by Age UK Enterprises Limited

Cremation or Burial?

An Age UK Funeral Plan gives you the choice of a cremation or burial. You don’t have to make this decision when you take out your plan however. You can let us know at a later date and you can change your mind at any point for no extra cost.

Funeral Director’s services guaranteed as standard

With prices now starting from just £2,895, all of the plans guarantee to cover the cost of the Funeral Director’s services as outlined in the plan. On top of this an Age UK Funeral Plan provided by Dignity, includes different features, depending on whether you decide to choose cremation or burial.


If you choose a cremation service, an Age UK Funeral Plan guarantees to cover the cost of cremation fees in your plan, regardless of when it might be needed. Cremation is the more popular option – in fact almost 9 in 10 of our customers opted for a cremation funeral in 2015.

Some other providers do not guarantee cremation fees, often referred to as third party disbursement costs. Instead most offer only a contribution towards these costs. These contributions don’t always rise in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI). The total cost of third party cremation fees could amount to hundreds, if not thousands of pounds by the time it’s needed. This might not be covered by a limited contribution.

You are also welcome to specify if you would like your ashes to be scattered in a place of special significance. You can find out more information here.  


Burial can be more expensive and costs vary widely across the country. Prices may differ by thousands of pounds depending on where you live. As a result, as like all other plans, an Age UK Funeral Plan cannot guarantee to cover all burial costs. Instead, an Age UK Funeral Plan provides a very generous amount towards a burial, which can be spent on any element of a burial service, including the burial plot.

If you decide to choose a burial, an Age UK Funeral Plan contributes £1,200 towards your fees and this will grow in line with RPI inflation each year. This is one of the largest burial contributions on the market and some competitor contributions do not increase with RPI inflation. You also have the flexibility to choose whether it goes towards a burial plot, the churchyard, local council costs, or even a headstone.

What’s more, if any of the contribution is left over after all burial fees have been paid, the difference is refunded to you. Equally, however, if there is any more to be paid your loved ones will need to pay the difference at the time. If you choose an Ivy, Holly or Rowan Plan, you may add to your contribution which will increase with RPI. You can't make any further contributions to the Basic Plan.

If you are considering a burial and already have a specific cemetery in mind you should consider buying your plot in advance. However not all cemeteries allow the advance buying of plots. Check with your local authority first.

If you have already purchased a plot or grave, you can let us know when you take out your plan. This will then be recorded so that your Funeral Director can make arrangements when the time comes.

It’s ok to change your mind

With your Age UK Funeral Plan, you can change your choice of cremation or burial at any time. Changing your preference is without charge.

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