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Age UK Funeral Plans are provided by Dignity and brought to you by Age UK Enterprises Limited

How does an Age UK Funeral Plan work?

Taking out an Age UK Funeral Plan is as simple as possible and an experienced Customer Service advisor will happily answer any of your questions at any time. So how does it work?

  1. Choose one of the four Age UK Funeral Plans today. Prices start from just £2,995
  2. Decide how you wish to pay – the money required for the funeral will be held securely in the Trust for Age UK Funeral Plans until it's needed
  3. Add personal touches to your plan now, or at a later date
  4. Share your plan with your family and friends

When the time comes

  1. One phone call will set the plan in motion
  2. Your Nominated Funeral Director will provide support and guidance to your loved ones to arrange the funeral, using the details in your plan
  3. Your loved ones will have access to a 24-hour bereavement counselling line and confidential advice and guidance, should they need it
  4. The Nominated Funeral Director will be paid directly by the Trust Fund so your loved ones won’t need to worry
  5. Once paid there will be no more for your loved ones to pay for the cost of the funeral services included in your plan

Anyone aged 50 or over can apply and there are no upper age limits or restrictions on payment terms. There are also no medical or health questions to complete.

There are four different Age UK Funeral Plans to choose from, to suit your individual needs and budget. If you’d like to take out a plan for two people, you can either take out two individual plans which will give both of you the benefits of fixing funeral costs included in both plans at today’s prices. Or if you can’t afford this right now, Joint Plans are also available. A Joint Plan attaches both your names to a single plan. You can find out more here.

You can choose to pay for your Age UK Funeral Plan in one lump sum, or spread the cost at no extra charge over 12 months. If you prefer, you can spread the cost further with monthly instalments over a period of up to 25 years for an additional charge.

It’s more than just putting money aside

As standard, the Age UK Funeral Plans guarantee:

  • The services of a trusted Funeral Director
  • For a cremation funeral, the cremation and Minister’s fees^ or
  • For a burial funeral, a contribution of £1,220, that rises year-on-year in line with RPI inflation
  • A coffin
  • A hearse
  • 24-hour telephone bereavement counselling service for your family or friends

You will also have access to a Customer Service Team, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, for both you and your family. An experienced and friendly advisor will be able to help you with any aspect of funeral planning and will be happy to take your call, no matter how small the query.

What you can expect once you’ve taken out an Age UK Funeral Plan

You will receive your Age UK Funeral Planholder’s Pack within 14 days. It will include:

  • A Funeral Plan Schedule - This confirms what plan you have selected and how you have chosen to pay.
  • Key Features Summary - detailing your plan's features and benefits.
  • A Funeral Plan Services Document – this lists what services the plan guarantees to cover.
  • Your Funeral Plan Card – this includes the telephone number of our 24-hour helpline and your Funeral Plan Number.
  • A Funeral Organiser Pack – this includes a copy of your arrangements and instructions to be passed to your Executor or appointed family member or friend. It will also contain plenty of helpful advice and guidance on organising a funeral.
  • Additional Special Requests Form – once you have taken out your plan you are free to set out your wishes for the ceremony and how you’d like it to be conducted. This can be done now or at a later date. You can find out more about adding Special Requests here.
  • Information on the Age UK Lifebook – you may find it helpful to request a LifeBook, an easy way to record practical details for those left behind. We’ll provide you with the information you need to request your free copy.
  • The telephone number of our 24-hour bereavement support service.

Where your money goes

Your payments will be paid directly into the Trust for Age UK Funeral Plans where the money required for your funeral will be held safely and securely until it’s needed. The Trust is legally separate and independent from Age UK Enterprises Limited and Dignity. It’s also separate to your Nominated Funeral Director, who will not be paid for their services until after the funeral has taken place. You can find out more about the Trust Fund here.

When the time comes

A single phone call from your appointed family member or friend will set your plan in motion. A Nominated Funeral Director will then guide them through each stage of the funeral process.

Your funeral plan will be used to plan your arrangements but your loved ones will also have the opportunity to add their own personal touches if they wish. They will also receive confidential advice and guidance on the formalities and paperwork that comes with organising a funeral from the Funeral Director. In addition they’ll have access to a 24-hour bereavement counselling line.

Your family won’t need to worry about a difficult claims process to access the funds to pay for your funeral. Instead the plan will be used to pay the Funeral Director for the services outlined.

The Triple Guarantee

At every step of the way you’re also covered by the Age UK Funeral Plan cast iron Triple Guarantee.

  1. Your Price Guarantee
    • Once your plan is paid for, that's it. You will not be asked for a penny more towards the arrangements set out in your plan. For a cremation funeral, unlike some providers, the cremation fee, Minister's fees^ and Funeral Director's fees are all included.

  2. Your Service Guarantee
    • You are guaranteed a professional and compassionate funeral. There is a network of over 1,300 Dignity owned and approved Funeral Directors, many of which have been established for generations, providing a caring service to families in their local communities.

  3. Your 30-Day Full Money-Back Guarantee
    • If you change your mind within the first 30 days, you will receive a full refund. Should you decide to cancel at any time after that, a £95 administration fee will be deducted from the refunded payments.

Feefo Gold Trusted Service 2018

All Feefo reviews are gathered anonymously from genuine customers. You can read all of the Feefo reviews here.

† 52p based on Basic Plan paying by instalments over 25 years. Plans paid over a period greater than 12 months will incur an administration charge.

^ A Minister of Religion or Officiants fee is covered equal to the amount paid for a standard funeral service at the crematorium or cemetery as listed in the Church of England Table of Parochial Fees.


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